Four bands competed for the chance to Open at Freaker's Ball. Jim Kilroy has hosted this event for many years. On this night it was being held at Jim's own venue, The Roxy. It is a much smaller venue than those that he has booked the show out of in the past. Yet it was definitely a packed house.

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The 501st Legion and 70th Explorers are non-profit organizations that portray The Dark Side of the Force characters from the Star Wars franchise.  Member Bruce Cottingham will be coming on The Midwest Talent Spotlight Show, that airs Sunday, November 23rd at 6PM, to talk about what the 501st and 70th Explorers do, give some heart tugging stories about what they have done, and give information on how to get involved.


Be sure to visit their websites and you can also check out the their fan pages on Facebook.  This will be a show you want to tell all your friends and family about. 


Saturday night we were at the John Corabi show at Jim Kilroy's The Roxy in Overland Park, Kansas



The show opened with Tyson Leslie and friends. Tyson performed both covers and originals . He played 1 extended long set. Tyson brought up on stage such musicians as Doug Kenworthy, Curtis Anderson, Denny Sipes, Frank Campobasso, Mark G. Johnson, Sean Yeung, Butch Walker, Gee Hopper, Paul Berrian III.

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Oct 9 - 15th Music Events in and around KC.

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Grace Maher, Overland Park, KS Native Is Living Her Dreams

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