If you are a musician or are in a band and would like to be featured on one of our radio shows here is what you can do:

Photo of Damien Gunn of Damien Gunn and the MagnificentBang Bangs

We are always looking for acoustic acts to come on our shows and perform as well as do an interview.  We do our best to publicize our guest to get them the most exposure possible.  So, it is easy.  Just follow these few steps and you too could be a guest on one of our shows.

1. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. expressing your interest to be on one of our shows.

2. Attach a track or two of your music for review.

3. When contacted back, you will be sent a form that gives us permission to promote you.

4. Follow the instruction on the form and return it at least one week prior to the show you will be scheduled for so we can start promoting you.


It is that simple.  We are here to spotlight talent, so send that email today.