On The Midwest Talent Spotlight Show 11/30/2014

Model of the Week, Mikaela Benginima



Band of the Week, Razorwire Halo for the release of their new album, After The Fall



and fitness model, competitor, and nutrition consultant, Kaleigh Sheridan


On The Midwest Talent Spotlight Show 11/23/2014


Baron Redman, Filmmaker/Director/Actor/Producer


Model of the Week, Amelia Ellsworth



Band of the Week, Grace Maher and the Wayward Sons for their brand new single release, Close To You



and 501st Legion and 70th Explorers member, Bruce Cottingham


What an exciting show we have for you this Sunday at 6 PM CST.  We have Mrs. Britton Hunter, President of the Board for Friends of KC Animals who will be joining us first in studio.


And model of the week Ms. Shaina Sue



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The Midwest Talent Spotlight Show proudly presents Ms. Shaina Sue, Budweiser girl and makeup artist who will be on The Take Over Show, November 16, 2014.  She will be in studio to talk about her modeling career and the various things she does.  Be sure to tune in to The Midwest Talent Spotlight Show and check out the new web media player to listen on.

This Sunday, October 26th, The Midwest Talent Spotlight Show

 will be airing an interview with Maximus. 

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