Between Thom Yorke‘s surprise solo album and the news that Radiohead are back in the studio, it is easy to lose Radiohead drummer Philip Selway‘s new solo album, Weatherhouse, in the shuffle. But, a new Selway album means new Selway interviews… about the new Radiohead album!


In a chat with Rolling Stone, Selway admits to having known that Yorke would drop his surprise album ahead of his own, noting, “they’re very different records. Got very different release methods as well. So they occupy two very different spaces. I kind of like the way they rub up against each other. They both stand up in their own right, but I think for anybody looking in from a Radiohead perspective, you can see the elements of everything there. It’s an opportune coincidence.”

Near the end of the interview, the Radiohead questions emerge, as one might expect.

Thankfully, Selway is candid about the experience thus far. “It’s great to be making music together again,” he said. “It’s got a vitality to it. We just have to see where it leads us at the moment. But it’s been good so far. When it works, it still feels exciting.

“We’re sifting through ideas we’ve accumulated over time and some of them might be new and some of them might be a bit older,” he added. “You look back at In Rainbows – ‘Nude’ had been kicking around for quite a while. So you just try to find an appropriate time for songs. We’re just getting a sense of what we want to do musically at the moment, more than anything.”

Selway’s Weatherhouse is out now, as is Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. No word on a release timeframe for Radiohead.


Written by Philip Cosores