Viral Internet Streaming Radio is a progressive, high energy, internet based radio station streaming 24/7, based out of the Heartland in the Kansas City area.  Our programming is intended to reach a wide variety of genres, providing quality entertainment to our listeners and a resource for news, sports, and other exposure to a myriad of talents you might not otherwise have the opportunity to know.  We support local and unsigned music as well as your national and international favorites, spotlight a variety of talents to include models, actors and actresses, filmmakers and directors, athletes, photographers, a myriad of charities, and much more.




We Proudly Support Local Music


What is local music?


Local music, also known as unsigned music, is not bound to a specific location or region, rather refers to all musicians and bands who have not yet been signed to or discovered by a major record label.  It encompasses all genres of music and is where everyone gets their start.



What do we mean by supporting local music?  


To us, it is simple.  It is more than just words, more than placing a sticker on your vehicle, or a graphic on a website or social media outlet.  It is more than just playing music on the air by artists who are producing their own original works.  It is about the raw talent that it takes to create the music and then to perform it.  It is about realizing how many thousands of dollars it takes to purchase instruments and equipment needed to perform the music for your enjoyment and maintain them, the costs of recording, mastering, producing CDs.  It is about supporting those that pour their heart into their work that want to give to people and entertain the masses, not for personal gain, rather most times not making any money for their efforts or time.  Supporting local music is about encouraging people to chase their dreams and allowing their dreams to inspire you. Some music you make like, some you may not, but you appreciate the effort, time and dedication they invest into their art.  Supporting local music is going to the venues to see the performances, discovering new and emerging talent, and purchasing the merchandise they spend their money upfront to have created with no guarantee it will even sell.  It is wearing the shirts, hoodies, hats, etc. of the artist, becoming a walking billboard for them, advertising you enjoy listening to them, and possibly turning on others to the music.  Supporting local music is purchasing the CDs, EPs, and singles of the music that you enjoy.  It gets back to recognizing the roots of music, realizing that even the national acts had to get their start playing the local scene before they got where they are.  If no one would have gone out to a venue to hear their music, if no one would have helped them to be promoted and discovered, you may not have their music to enjoy today.  It is about helping each other, lending a hand when needed.  When you support local music, everyone wins and succeeds.



How do we support local music, and how can you help?


When you listen to Viral Internet Streaming Radio, you help to support local music.  You may hear a song you really enjoy and want to buy it.  You may hear an interview with a band that you can relate to and want to go see them live at a show.  You may even wish to make a purchase of their merchandise and music to help promote your favorites.  You will see us, here at Viral Internet Streaming Radio, going to shows, purchasing merchandise, promoting the artists and even putting on shows for you.  When you come out to the shows we put on, this helps bands to get exposure and cover the costs of the venues for the artists to perform.  It allows us to properly pay royalties to the artists for the music we play and helps us to acquire more music so that we may play it for you.  We want to hear your feedback about the bands you want to hear played on our station, who your favorites are and what songs you would like to hear in greater rotation.  We want to know what bands you would like to hear us do interviews with, who you would like to see spotlighted.  We want your to help in supporting local music, so we may all win and succeed together.  


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***Disclaimer - Music played on this station may contain explicit lyrics, listener discretion is advised.***